An ethereal yet sublime vibe she exuded,
Her eyes filled with lofty dreams,
Her passion so strong that you could feel it,
Like a rhythmic movement in a stream.

She talked about a “love” not known to many,
A “love” in its purest form, a “love” without a reason,
So intense that it would stand at the verge of madness,
And yet she insisted that it could never turn into a demon.

She would say that it touches the deepest part of your soul,
That your soul senses it much before your mind sees it,
That it’s like a song that only you can hear, a tune only you can hum,
That it’s like a divine manifestation deep down in your spirit.

If you would look into her eyes, you would see the zest in her,
If you would touch her, you would sense the hope in her,
If she ever looked at you with her dreamy eyes,
You would know why deep down I believed in her…

– Yamini Sharma

Photo Credit: Darvas Goss



Vicious Snake

The following poem was written for an illuminating article on jealousy written by my writer friend Nadeem. This article is in itself a masterpiece. An enlightening and thought provoking piece of writing. I would request everyone to follow the following link to read this article.


Vicious Snake

Insecurity shakes the doors of the spirit,
To a vicious snake which consumes like fire,
It brings with it a plethora of infernal thoughts,
Which start manifesting in the spirit’s desire.

Suspicion, mistrust and hatred come along,
With the intrusion of this vicious foe,
This destructive energy rips apart the spirit,
Disrupting its harmonious energy flow.

This vicious snake poisons the mind,
Tying it into chains of guilt and rage,
It enslaves the spirit with a negative energy,
Trapping it in a virtual annihilating cage.

It extends its grip to damage the aura around,
Transforming into conflicts, revenge and disputes,
Overpowering a man’s rational thinking,
It allows the vicious snake to succeed in its pursuits.

Yet this vicious snake can be controlled,
Tamed and transformed in zeal to aspire,
Rather than allowing it to convert into envy,
It can be reshaped into a constructive desire.

-Yamini Sharma

A few lines from my poem “Streets of Silence”

It is indeed not the overt material journey of life,
but this spiritual journey deep within our soul,
that gives a concrete meaning to our existence,
so let your soul wander freely within, do not control.

A few lines from my poem “Streets of Silence”. The poem describes the eternal peace and silence one experiences when he/she reaches a higher state of consciousness. It urges to uplift the soul, to feel the eternal beauty and bliss of nature and to experience, discover and explore these streets of silence.

A few lines from my poem “My Death”

“….I am not lost or perplexed,
I am completely extricated,
No longer are these worldly complexities,
To me in any way related….”

The Poem talks about the spiritual journey of a man who wants to attain salvation, who has elevated his soul to a state where “worldly” and “material” things no longer relate to him. Now he is moving towards his ultimate goal of uniting his soul with the universal energy. He doesn’t fear death but wants to embrace it when it comes, uplifting his soul to a higher state. He understands and accepts the ultimate truth of constant “transformation” which every man is bound to face both during his life and even after that.

Eternal Union

Eternal Union

After my mortal material being,
dissolved in this earth,
my invincible eternal soul arose,
leading to my spiritual rebirth

I live on a different plane now,
i don’t see the religion defined ‘GOD’,
yet people continue to fight below,
few have views which are broad,

i am moving closer to self realization,
towards that energy, that force,
i ponder whether i will be reborn,
or will i be absorbed in this life source,

as i move closer, my doubts are cleared,
i am now aware of my previous manifestations,
my previous material birth reminds me,
of some unfulfilled desires and expectations,

yet now i find that I am free of them,
i only search for my soul mate,
who has shared her life with me,
in all my births, in each and every state

I can feel the energy she exudes,
my union with her ignites a fiery fire,
my soul is no longer incomplete,
there is no unfulfilled, unattained desire

we embark on a new journey now,
we just traverse in this timeless space,
unbound, free, eternal, immortal,
no more manifestations we embrace

Yamini Sharma

Beautiful Love

This coming year lets take a vow,
that we’ll spread our love all around,
lets heal with our loving touch,
let not anyone fall to the ground
lets hold everyone in our warm embrace,
lets once again start,
a new journey with this sunshine,
a journey which connects all hearts
lets try to rise above our ego,
lets try to understand,
that man is the epitome of love,
lets lend our helping hand,
there is inside us a faint light,
let us ignite it tonight,
let this vibrant light shine within each one,
lets make this world bright,
lets make ourselves better human beings,
lets spread this lovely feeling,
lets hold each others hands,
lets feel this process of healing.